How It Works

The Process

1.      Consultation
We begin every sale with an initial, no-obligation meeting. This gives you the opportunity to meet Michelle and learn more about the sale process. It also includes a walk-through of the property, giving us a better understanding of the items to be sold. In the end, our mission is to sell every item in your home at the best possible price. Consultations are always free.

2.      Contract
When you are ready to proceed, we will create an estate sale contract that documents our agreement on sale related goals, activities, and responsibilities of each party. It covers our process for the sale, including preparation, pricing, staging, merchandizing, and marketing as well as client responsibilities. Some of these include deciding which items to sell and ensuring utilities are connected for the duration of the sale.

3.      Preparation
We request access to the property at least one week prior to the sale to prepare. Michelle and her team then mobilize to organize, clean, price, and expertly stage every item in order to generate the highest possible sales. Remember, our mission is to sell every item in your home at the best possible price.

4.      Advertising
Advertising is crucial for success. We list the sale on and through our social media platforms. With every post, buyers will be enticed with artful pictures of must have items. Directional signs are posted on the day of the sale, directing eager shoppers to your front door.

5.      The Actual Sale
Most sales are two to three days in duration, depending on client need. We make it easy for customers to purchase by accepting cash and credit cards. All items are sold at full price on the first day; prices are discounted on the remaining days of the sale.

6.      Payment
We operate on a commission basis, retaining a small portion of the overall sales - you receive the bulk of the funds raised. You can expect your proceeds within two days of the sale.

7.      Unsold Items
As part of our estate sale service, we will contact local charities to pick up any unsold items. Your home will be broom swept after the sale. We can also arrange for disposal of any unwanted remaining items, if desired.