Firearm Sales

Estate of  Mine Estate Sales is able to sell your firearms safely and legally. We strictly follow all ATF regulations regarding firearm sales. Purchasers must be 21 years  old and pass the eNICS federal background check. EofM Estate Sales purchasing procedures are listed below.

If you have a firearm to sell, contact Michelle at 972.837.0629.

Estate of Mine Estate Sales (EofM) Firearms Purchasing Procedures

1.  Buyer must be a Texas resident and 21 years of age or older.

2.  Buyer presents a valid government issued identification card. EofM accepts the following:

Texas Driver’s License

Texas Identification Card, or,

Texas LTC

3.  Buyer purchases firearm; EofM conducts background check (NICS). Individuals with a valid Texas LTC are exempt from this requirement per ATF.

4.  Buyer and EofM complete ATF Form 4473.

5.  Buyer passes background check. If the buyer does not pass NICS check, buyer will be refunded full purchase price of the firearm.

6. Buyer picks up firearm from EofM after the sale, near Virginia and 75 (in McKinney).